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Ruthy Bismuth –
Art and Hospitality / Art and B&B

My passion lies in the process of creating and making art, and has been for so many years. After raising four boys and becoming a proud grandmother, I understood that my love for art and for people needs to become a way of life, and that is how I started my business – by combining the things that I love most – art, creation, people and hospitality.

Hospitality / Guest Cottages / B&B

We all experience the fast pace of life. You are welcome to experience a different way to wake up with birds chirping, without an alarm clock or the burden of a full day's work, letting someone else worry about your needs, about all of the small details, or plan a perfect romantic getaway.

I invite you to take time-out and come to the quiet serenity of the Negev, experience a different pace, or "desert time" as we like to call it. Make your dream getaway a reality at our romantic guest cottages 'Tzimbar'.

Our hospitality comes from the heart. With years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the area and its many natural and man-made attractions, We can help you plan and create the perfect vacation – the sky is the limit!

Three romantic guest cottages are available in Ashalim, experience a mesmerizing sunset almost every evening, is only an hour and a half from Tel-Aviv. Each cottage is authentically decorated in its own character. The African Cottage House with the special atmosphere was our first family project, made with love by hands with 4 of our sons. The Mediterranean Cottage House has a unique touch for love and romance; it has turquoise, terracotta and sand design to complete the perfect serenity.
The Asian Cottage House special motive from China and Thailand is compatible for couples and families.

Waiting to provide you with the experience you have been waiting for. Every detail in our cottages has been meticulously planned and created for the sole purpose of ensuring an unforgettable vacation in a space that creates a world of its own.

Guests can also choose to enjoy our rich and plentiful breakfast, offering a vegan meal as an option, in the shade of our rustic gazebo. Guests are also encouraged to visit my ceramics gallery and even get their hands dirty in a specially designed class for guests.

Art – Gallery and Workshop

I see art - the process of creating - as the meeting point between body and soul. On the roof of our desert home, with views of open spaces and amazing Negev sunsets, sits my workshop and gallery. For years I have been working with various materials and making art that reflects the way I see the world – colorful, fluid, textured, and useful. Guests are more than welcome to visit the gallery, purchase a local handmade souvenirs from a variety of pieces, including Judaica, homeware, ornaments and decorations, lighting, and more.

My studio is a unique space where raw materials take shape and become something new entirely. The process is incredibly energizing, and even after years of working with clay, I find that I am constantly learning and discovering new things.

I want to share this energy and joy of creating with my guests, offering workshops and classes for people of all ages and abilities. Whether alone, with a partner or in a group, time in the studio is time for the soul. The world outside continues on its way, but in the studio, time stands still and provides an opportunity for true enjoyment – to disconnect from our worries, and connect with ourselves.